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Leadership Power and Presence

Now more than ever, executive presence is a critical competency for today’s leaders and is expected in order to move beyond mid-management.  Our research and interviews indicated that there are two reasons for the increasing calls for executive presence from leaders and leadership development programs:

    It is increasingly important to business today because:

            • Flatter, under-resourced organizations require leaders who can inspire confidence and engagement in order to maintain
               productivity and tamp-down insecurity.
            • Executive or Leadership Presence correlates highly with career mobility – critical for succession planning and the managing
               the talent pipeline.
            • Risk Management - Lack of presence is often quickly amplified - The effects of a weak “brand” for a leader often spills over to
               the team, organization, project and ultimately to the executives and HR teams who put that leader in place.
 It is very difficult to describe qualities like confidence, charisma, energy, power, and presence in clear, behavioral terms - let alone
    teach them in a training program.  Until now!

Why Our Program Works

Typically, organizations use communication or presentation skills training programs to develop executive presence.  And while strong communication and presentation skills are important for senior leaders, they are not the same as strong executive presence.

Strong executive presence is in fact a system of qualities, attributes, skills and thought processes, combined deliberately but seamlessly together that confer power while instilling confidence and engaging others on an emotional level.  Our Executive Presence Management System provides leaders a framework and context for understanding and deliberately managing an interlocking set of 21 specific elements that work together to create strong executive presence.

When woven together seamlessly, these elements and focus areas create what we call “Confident Casual®”, the ability to convey complementary messaging that is both strategic and visionary, while also engaging hearts/emotions in the processes.