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Managing Your Personal Brand through Exclusive Leadership Branding

Explore and manage your personal brand with Stone Lake Leadership Group. Based in Laurel, Maryland, we offer leadership branding nationwide. Strong brands—whether they are associated with toothpaste, computers or people—are managed outcomes rooted in quality. They don't happen by accident. The Managing Your Leadership Brand workshops introduce participants to a unique, market-driven approach to professional development.

Our framework begins with a value-based definition of leadership brand management, "managing a meaningful exchange of value between yourself and the organization." We introduce leaders to The 5 P's of Leadership Brand™—five powerful levers for managing their impact and value—and provide them with real-world market feedback on their current impact and brand through our online leadership brand market survey.

Taken together in the context of our programs, these ideas provide a powerful, compelling, and scalable model for professionals at all levels to understand and manage their impact in a way that enables them to:
Business Professionals

Take Ownership
• Recognize the Personal Benefits of Making Ongoing Learning, Career, & Leadership Development a Priority
• Strive for Personal Clarity about Their Own Professional & Personal Goals, Seeking Options for Balancing the Two in a Way That Supports Both

Align with Business Needs
• Know What the Organization Needs & Expects from Them by Continually Collecting Feedback on the Market's Expectations
• Align Their Impact with Organizational Goals & Maintaining That Alignment as Needs Change

Support Talent Management & Succession Planning
• Ensure the Organization Is Aware of & Has Full Access to What They Bring to the Table
• Build a Strategy for Promoting Their Value, Extending Their Influence, & Raising Their Visibility Across & Beyond the Organization